Unique Scent Created By Linda Landenberg

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a unique fragrance for Headon Products. Setting ourselves apart has always been our thing, and having our distinct scent was the next obvious step for us.​

We're incredibly proud to partner with esteemed perfumer Linda Landenberg.This collaboration has been an amazing journey, learning about fragrance and how much it can elevate your personal style. Working with someone so creative, talented, and passionate about her craft is truly thrilling.​

Our journey kicked off in 2021,delving deep into what our clients adore in a scent. After extensive experimentation and thought, we're super excited to introduce not one, but two signature fragrances that truly embod Headon’s dedication to quality and individuality.​

Join us in celebrating the fusion of hair care expertise and the art of perfumery. Feel the passion and dedication we’ve poured into each and every product. Experience the Headon vibe! 


In its very own collection, the company's DNA will allow consumers to bring the salon experience home. ​


The wearer should feel chosen.The scent should possess a strong and quickly identifiable personality, evoking a unique essence. When you encounter the fragrance, it signals the latest trends, placing you at the forefront.


Found in Cleanse Shampoo and Dry Shampoo.

This scent evokes a clean impression with a strong connection to nature, empowering the wearer with confidence and tenderness. ​

• Top notes – Freshly Cut Grass, Petitgrain, Coriander ​

• Heart notes – Fig Leaves, Peach, White Flowers, Palmarosa​

• Base notes – Cedarwood Virginia, Siberian Pine​

Every ingredient is carefully selected for its personality and strong character. The green thread starts with petitgrain, which has a moist character, and is anchored with Siberian fir, together strengthening your awareness and self-confidence. The playful and soft part of the scent rests in the heart where fig leaves and peach create character, providing balance to the scent, just as they do to your mind. We hope you stand firm in your everyday life where cedarwood gives you a positive outlook on life and enhances your ability to concentrate. 

Warm & Elegant 

Found in Care Shampoo, Care Conditioner, and Care Leave-in Conditioner.

​This fragrance invites, embraces, and leaves an elegant impression. It carries a subtle thoughtfulness in its expression. ​

• Top notes – Lemongrass, Iris ​

• Heart notes – Salvia Sclarea, Iris, Patchouli​

• Base notes – Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Amber, Musk​

As the exclusive raw material iris forms the core of the fragrance composition, it is present throughout from start to finish and is supported in its delicate and elegant scent profile by various other raw materials. A pheromone-like herb has been intertwined with sandalwood, which not only stimulates your creativity but also enhances your attractiveness. Serving as the anchor in the scent is amber, providing warmth to the composition.