About us

From a single salon and two hairdressers to a thriving community of seven salons and 70 dedicated employees – we're here to bring the best in hair care directly to you. ​

But our journey wasn't exactly straightforward. In fact, Henrik Danielsson, the founder of Headon, originally aspired to be a pig farmer! However, with a mother who was a hairdresser, destiny led him into the world of hairdressing rather than tending to pigs.​

In 2002, Henrik opened the doors to Headon's very first salon on Östra Kristinelundsvägen in Malmö. Without the landlord knowing, the entrance door was painted a vibrant red. Right from the start, Headon's core mission has been to stand out from the crowd. While the door may no longer be red, we still take pride in setting ourselves apart!​

After thriving in the industry for over 20 years, growing our business, competing, and winning numerous awards, including the prestigious Hairdressing Company of the Year, it was time to embark on the next stage of our journey. Our mission: to bring professional hair care to you.​

We understand hair like no other, and we know that hair is hair. It has no gender, only needs. Our commitment is to provide the absolute best products for everyone, regardless of their individual hair care requirements.

So, who are we at Headon Products, and what do we stand for? ​

Competence & Quality
We offer products with salon-quality and beneficial ingredients, meticulously crafted by Team Headon in Malmö, Sweden – the same hairdressers working at the award-winning Headon hair salons. All products are proudly manufactured in Sweden by some of the industry's finest experts.​

Transparency & Information
We're straightforward about which products suit your needs, providing guidance on product usage and complete transparency about ingredients and packaging materials, including our commitment to reducing plastic use.​

Inspiring, Unique & Unisex
Headon Products inspire everyone to challenge the norms. Challenge the status quo, challenge expectations, challenge the labels society assigns you. Dare to explore self-realization instead. Let yourself be inspired.

And what about Team Headon?

Our seven salons currently house around 65 hair stylists. Each of our stylists brings unique talents and traits, creating a diverse and creative Headon community. We take immense pride in our incredible team who've been instrumental in our journey.​

Sustainability, what's our take on it and what actions have we taken in order to do our part?

Headon's vision is to be the hairdressing company of the future, dedicated to sustainable development and working to reduce our environmental impact. It's a long journey with many challenges, but we're committed to achieving our goals.Throughout this journey, we're committed to transparency, sharing our efforts and challenges openly.​

To operate our business with a clear conscience, we're reviewing the products we sell and our supplier relationships. We're implementing stricter requirements for product contents and considering various aspects, from packaging to social values and innovative, eco-friendly solutions. We're also thoroughly analyzing our own operations to assess our overall environmental footprint.

So, when we were picking out packaging for our products, we had two things in mind:​

  1. We were all about using recycled and recyclable plastic.​
  2. We totally vibed with white plastic.​

Now, why white, you ask?

Well, fun fact: while colored plastic can technically be recycled, it usually doesn't end up that way. Recycling colored plastic mixes all the colors, making this weird grey/brown mix that nobody wants. But white plastic? That gets sorted and recycled, so our bottles and tubes can come back as cool new ones if you toss them in the right bin!​

Our Headon Products packaging?

It's made of 50-70% recycled plastic. And hey, as plastic gets more recycled, it might not stay white - it could get a touch of grey.The more it's recycled, the more it shows off that cool grey vibe.

Bower​ - here to make recycling fun!

Hey, did you know you can actually get cashback by recycling our products?

Yeah, for real!​

Headon Products is signed up with Bower, so here's the deal: all Bower users score some cashback when they scan any of our products before tossing them in the recycling bin. How awesome is that? It's a win-win for the planet and for you, our awesome customers!​

For Team Headon to continue thriving, we need a strong and wonderful community, and that's all of you! Together, we can embrace the beauty of individuality, inspire one another, and set new trends. Join our ever-growing family and dare to explore self-realization with us. Let yourself be inspired and become a part of our exceptional community.​

With love,